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by Rubies and Rainbows

Empty Sniffy (Inhaler) Stick Bundle of 15

Empty Sniffy (Inhaler) Stick Bundle of 15

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This bundle contains FIFTEEN (15) blank inhaler sticks for use with Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.  Each inhaler is composed of four parts; cap, inner tube, outer tube and wick.  You will also receive extra wicks with your order.

You will receive one set each of fifteen colors.

These little inhalers are a great way to make up your blends to carry with you in your purse or bag to inhale from. They make great samplers for potential customers to smell the oils from without contaminating your bottles.  The blend possibilities you can fill these with are endless. Headache blends, allergy blends, alertness blends, so many options!

Directions for use: Place your drops of oils onto the cotton wick provided.  Place the wick inside the inner tube and snap the cap onto the end.  The cap will snap flush with the tube and create an airtight seal for your oils.  Screw on the outer tube to the inner tube and you are ready to go!  To access the scents, unscrew the outer tube and place the top of the inner tube, where the small holes are, to your nose and inhale.
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